Sirma Solutions won a contract with the Prosecutors Office of Bulgaria


Sirma Solutions won a contract for extension of the Unified Information System (UIS) of the  Prosecutors office of Bulgaria. The contract is funded by the World Bank.

The project has three main objectives:

  • Business analysis, development of technical specifications and preparation of tender documentation for the extension of the existing information system in the Prosecutors office of Bulgaria.
  • Development of Data Warehouse and BI system that will maintain all required records and reports.
  • Development of information system for income and property statements of the prosecutors.

Sirma Solutions is very well prepared for this project: in 2005 the company successfully completed the PHARE project for the improvement and further development of the Unified Information System (UIS) of the POB, and in 2007 Sirma has developed an information system for the auditing of the Electronic declaration forms of people in high state office.

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